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*IMPORTANT UPDATE* — Under the new state of emergency mandate, outdoor skating rinks are still allowed to operate. We will remain open however, there will be new hours of operation, check-in/check-out procedures, and capacity limits. More information can be found here under the Ontario government guideline.

We are a Hamilton-based event planning organization that produces local events for the community. Our goal is to provide safe and fun alternative options for families to spend their time together.

January 16th, 2021 – UPDATE

We highly recommend calling ahead to confirm your booking. Potential postponement a possibility due to outdoor weather for our rink.

Weather: High 3/ Low -2 / 2% POP

Outdoor Market: Temporary COVID Closure

Rink 1 – Chiller rink: Open

Rink 2 – Natural Rink: Under Maintenance

Evergreen Trail: Temporary COVID Closure

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Thursday – 10AM to 8PM, prebooking only, no walk-in

Friday – 10AM to 11PM, prebooking only, no walk-in

Saturday & Sunday – 8AM to 11PM, prebooking only, no walk-in


faceless fit woman skating on ice rink in daylight

We have created 2 skating rinks, totaling over 5000 square feet of ice for everyone to enjoy. Due to capacity restrictions, you are limited to 45 minutes of ice time. Private booking available.

Skate Rental & Skate Sharpening

For $5, you can now rent a pair of skates. Please call us or click the button below to reserve prior to your scheduled booking.

For $10, you can now get your skate sharpened on site. Please call us or click the button below to let us know.

Outdoor Market

UPDATE: Due to COVID concerns, we are working with Public Health to be the fully open after the 28 days closure or when deemed safe by the city.

Our outdoor market provides an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their inventory. It is a great way for you to shop locally and support small businesses.

Evergreen Path

giant decorative apple on roof of stall on colorful new year fairground in downtown at night

Take a stroll to ease your mind from everyday life. Our Evergreen path is decorated with scenes and lights decor that is both fun and Instagram worthy. First come first serve, and for $2 voluntary donation to help local businesses, it will be a stroll worth a bit of your time!


There will be plenty of activities every time you visit. There will be music, performers, decor setup, and vendors. Drop by at your own time and experience the different activities at The Hanrahan Trail.

Holiday Treats

Add some magic to the cold winter season by enjoying holiday treats at the Hanrahan Trail. Warm your blood and fill your belly while you browse our outdoor market, stroll the evergreen path, and skate through the night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What attractions are at the Hanrahan Trail?

We have two public skating rinks, an evergreen trail, lighting displays, an outdoor market, various form of entertainment and hot treats at the concession.

Are tickets required?

Yes, tickets are required for skating only. $6 for access to the skating rink for 45 minutes, free for the market, a voluntary donation to help local businesses.

Where can I buy skating tickets?

Tickets can be found on www.modrnevents.com . Tickets are sold by the time-slot.

Will skating tickets be available at the venue for purchase?

Yes, if times are available, you can purchase walk-in.

Will I be able to leave and re-enter?

While some activities at the Hanrahan Trail are free, some do require you to pay for the time slot. You can come and go as you please for the duration of your time. Once your time expires, you will be required to repurchase to re-enter.

What are the COVID-19 precautions being taken?

Your safety is our highest priority. We are following protocols put in place by the province of Ontario and the City of Hamilton. Tickets are being sold by time-slots to ensure attendees maintain physical distancing. Face coverings are required. We have signage promoting hand hygiene and physical distancing. Surfaces are being disinfected regularly with medical-grade cleaning products. We have hand sanitizers on-site.

Are we required to wear face coverings?

Yes, face coverings are required unless you are consuming food or beverage.

Will face coverings be sold at the venue?

No, attendees are required to bring their own face coverings.

Are there washrooms on-site?

Yes, there are washrooms on-site.

Do retailers offer curbside pickup?

Yes, some retailers offer curbside pickup.

Can I shop online at vendors that are part of the market?

Some retailers do have an online channel.

Is this a cashless event to minimize contact?

No, but we encourage attendees to pay by credit card or debit.

Where can I park?

We have onsite parking, street parking and a parking lot 5 mins walk away.

Are outside food and beverages permitted?

Yes, outside food and beverages are permitted. However, our concession also offer food and beverages to purchase onsite.

Is alcohol permitted?

No, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the trail. However, we have a designated area for smoking.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes, your furry friends are permitted.

Still have questions?

Please contact suzanna@ardentmarketing.ca

The Hanrahan Initiative

As a small business owner, who lost 2 businesses during the pandemic, we have experienced and witnessed firsthand the effect on small businesses. We plan to implement the Hanrahan Initiative, to help small businesses through this difficult time, so they won’t have to go through what we went through. Weekly, we will donate $1 from all tickets sold to ONE small local business to assist with expenses. We hope that this little gift will help these businesses make it through, where we could not.

If you want to nominate a business that you think can benefit from this, feel free to let us know. Email can be sent to modrnevents@gmail.com.

Jan 11 – 17: Xpressions Creative Dance

Xpressions Creative Dance is a dance studio for ages 2 and up, located on the Hamilton mountain.  We have been closed for the bulk of the pandemic. Dancers train from September to June to participate in the activities during the spring months.  Dancers lost the chance to compete last year and we are unsure if we will be able to this year, we were also unable to have our annual year end show. Once we were finally back in the studio we got put into the red zone where class sizes had to be reduced as well as hours dancing to accommodate only 10 people in the whole building at one time.

During the first lockdown we were not bringing in any income, relying completely on loans, and subsidy.  During this lockdown, we are in the same spot, the only hope for this season is that we return to the studio in the next few weeks.  Once we return, we are unsure of what the rules will look like and how we will survive this next chapter in the pandemic. We are bringing in very limited income but are still required to pay all bills. Dance studios are on the bridge of closure if this second lockdown lasts much longer.

A dance studio is a second home and an extended family to these kids, and we cannot wait to be reunited real soon. Until then, stay safe.  

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